Sunday Wrap-Up

What I’m Watching:
This is us. Tuesday nights on NBC. I am loving this new fall show (not just because my inner preteen is crazy over Mandy Moore). It is emotional, funny and surprisingly surprising! I find myself excited to tune in (or watch the DVR) of this show every week to put the pieces together of this family’s lives. The show does a good job of jumping back and forth between places and times without being too confusing (and allowing me to watch while I’m studying or cleaning).

What I’m Listening To:
“Setting the World on Fire” – Kenny Chesney and PINK.   Spoiler alert, I’m a huge country music fan. I love country concerts, and listening to the Highway on my Sirius radio. This song has just been putting me in such a good mood lately. It’s always fun when you find a song that when it starts playing you just can’t help but smile. This one does it to me. Literally every time.

What I’m Reading:
I am so into listening to audiobooks in the car. I subscribe to Audible through Amazon and love listening to books when I have long (or short) car rides. Currently I’m listning to “It’s Not Okay: Turing Heartbreak into Happily Never After” by Andi Dorfman. I am such a big Bachelor/ Bachelorette fan. Such a guilty pleasure but I will watch weekly with my mom when it is in season. I love watching the relationships develop and the “drama” that ensues. It’s also hilarious watching with my mom because every time something dramatic happens she says “you know… I think the producers told them to do that” .    Yeah mom, we know.

What I’m Wearing:
October is my favorite month (not only because my birthday is October 8). I love switching over my closet from summer to fall/ winter and breaking out my flannels and sweaters. Recently I have been loving wearing baseball hats. I love the look of leggings, sweatshirt and a baseball hat on casual days where I am just studying or hanging around. I like putting my ponytail through the hat hole (is that what its called??) so I’ve been trying to collect new hats that represent things that are important to me!

What I’m Doing:
I had a midterm this past Wednesday so this weekend I was able to relax. Saturday I had one of my close friend’s new baby’s baptism and then a party at her house. I love hanging out with them and her family and friends are so fun so that was a great time. Her baby is so cute, but it really freaks me out when I think too hard about a close friend, my age, who is married with a baby!! After that party I went to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate one of my grad school friend’s birthday!
Today (Sunday) I went to breakfast with my dad, mom, and sister. Then my sister and I drove around town, went to Ulta, and did “fall things”. We were going to go to the local farm market and go pumpkin/ apple picking but we realized it was Sunday and everyone and their brother would be there so we went to the town marina instead. We had a great time and I love catching up with my sister. 
 I also got a good insta out of the day, so overall it was a success.

I hope you all have a fabulous week!! I thought of a ton of fun post ideas, I can’t wait to share them with you!!

Xoxo, Bethany

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