Spring Break for Grad Students!

Hey Everyone!!

Long time no chat!! I’ve clearly been having a lot of trouble posting recently, but here’s for another shot!!
I just got back from a fun trip to Punta Cana with 5 of my fellow nursey friends! I’ve gone on a tropical vacation with one of my best friends every “spring break” for the past 3 years, and most of the years we’ve been able to avoid the typical college spring break crowd (we went to Bahamas, then Jamaica). This year our luck ran out as this place was FULL of spring breakers, but it turned out to be a lot of fun!!
I thought I’d share some essential tips for surviving a spring break trip as a post grad!

1.     DON’T feel pressured into doing things you don’t want to just because the “spring break” crowd is doing it
Its true. You’re old now. Looking around sometimes I would think to myself “Gosh, I am almost 10 years older than some of these people”. Believe it or not, we’re not really built for that type of partying like that every day for a full week, so take it easy. Sure, I had a great time reliving my glory days during events the resort had like foam parties and hanging at the swim up bar, but when we decided to venture into the “discotech” one night, I realized that wiggling in a dirty, sweaty room with a bunch of 18 year olds was definitely not for me anymore (especially with a sunburn). Don’t feel like you’re missing out on something like that (but by all means try it), it’s all part of growing up.

2.     DO have fun with the spring breakers!
Undergrad spring breakers are lively crowd to say the least. We enjoyed having fun with them!! Their lively carefree attitude is infectious. We had fun building a whole persona of us being undergrads ourselves, deciding on a college, year and major that we were studying. Being in a place where you know no one, and will never see these people again, makes it fun to pretend to be someone

totally different!

3.     DON’T drink too much, and DO drink plenty of water!
Now, I am ALL for drinking and having a great time. But most post grad bodies aren’t as used to alcohol as our younger undergrad bodies were! It’s easy in the real world to manage your alcohol well and regulate your sloppiness, but when the drinks are free and strong, it’s a little bit harder. Making sure you drink plenty of water and spacing out your drinks will make the vaca a little better for everyone!

4.     DON’T forget to let go of your inhibitions and do things you wouldn’t normally do
These resorts are a place for you to let go and have fun, remember, you’ll never see these people again!! The entertainment staff at resorts are usually very fun and encouraging (here’s looking at you Peter from Jamaica). They have loads of fun games and activities planned for the day including Zumba, games, volleyball and water games like water aerobics and yoga. Step out of your comfort zone and do something you normally wouldn’t do!
5.     DO remember to take a minute to relax and appreciate where you are
Being postgrad, vacations and fun are few and far between. Being in grad school and working makes it hard to find a spare moment in the day to relax, let alone have a week full of fun and sun, so if you’re lucky enough to go on a tropical vacation, make sure you take a moment to sit back in the sun, drink in your hand, friends by your side and think “this is my vacation, enjoy it”. My dad taught me this trick a while ago that he does on vacation, to just relish even just a second of your trip and appreciate where you are, and what it took for you to get there!

I love travelling with my friends so let me know if you have any questions about all inclusive resorts etc., let me know!

Xoxo, Bethany
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