Happy Halloween!!

I know it’s the day after but I was just having so much fun this weekend and yesterday, I didn’t get time to post!!
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year because it allows me to feel like a kid again without being judged for “acting immature”. I love when adults are able to let down their guard and just have fun with something again. A lot of things in life are taken very seriously (as they should be) but I am always a proponent of bringing an element of fun and lightheartedness to situations. I feel like it allows stressful, important situations to be more enjoyable, and, in my opinion, will bring positive results.
My family has never really had a lot of Halloween traditions, it always falls in a really busy time of year as we are gearing up for winter, and looking forward to the bigger holidays that are rapidly approaching. However, there are a few things that I enjoy doing every year that really get me in the spirit of Halloween.
1.     Giving out candy.  

Although the fun years of trick-or-treating are behind me (unfortunately), I really enjoy giving out candy to the trick or treaters. I love seeing their costumes and just the joy on their faces are they frolick throughout my neighborhood. I live in a very residential area so the trick-or-treating is always

pretty good, although I must admit the number of trick or treaters has dropped recently due to the “trunk or treat” fad that’s going on.
I kind of hate “trunk or treat” because, while its nice to have a fun, safe, contained area for kids to trick or treat, 1 its rarely on the actual Halloween day, and 2 I think it would be extremely creepy for me (or anyone else for that matter..) to show up with my car, a bag of candy, and no children.
This year I decided to go to my cousin’s house and spend Halloween with her 9 month old, adorable, light of my life son. He dressed up like a lobster and it was pretty much the absolute best thing ever.
2.     Dressing up
I usually try to find some kind of a party or Halloween festivity to go to that will allow me to get dressed up in a costume. I used to love dressing up and going out for Halloween in undergrad, but unfortunately since I’ve graduated my work schedule hasn’t let me attend that many Halloween parties.
This year, I was able to go to my friend’s Halloween party on Saturday which was so fun. Everyone was in full on costume which was so festive. I dressed up in a “The LittleMermaid” onesie that I got from Target last week. I couldn’t decide at all what I wanted to be and while perusing on Target’s website I found so many potential costumes!
The party had food, drinks and overall merriment, which is pretty much what Halloween is all about!
3.     Halloween movies
I have a love hate relationship with scary movies. It’s always hit or miss on whether I will really like it or won’t be able to sleep for a month, so I tend to steer clear of horror movies, especially if they involve evil spirits (literally made my college roommate walk me to the bathroom after watching the Exorcism of Emily Rose).
What I do love though are fun Halloween movies like Halloweentown and, of course, Hocus Pocus. The fun tradition of watching these movies every October is something I look forward to all year long.

Hope everyone had such a fun Halloween! Let me know your favorite Halloween traditions in the comments below!

Xoxo, Bethany

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