Go-To Hairstyle for Work (and a Thanksgiving reflection!)

Hey Everyone!
I hope everyone is enjoying their week! I have a lot to do this week but I am trying to find little moments in the day and enjoy myself. For the past two months I have been really trying to do this more and more.. not huge things but just taking a few minutes longer to do something that I know will make me feel better later on. For example, I have really been trying to take the time to dry and straighten my hair after I wash it, every time. I am usually super lazy and don't want to take the time to do it, but I hate the way my hair looks when I don’t dry it, so I have been really making the extra effort, and I can really tell a difference with my overall mood and confidence!
Speaking of hair, I wanted to do a post today about a quick, go to hairstyle I like to wear when I work at the hospital. I hate having hair in my face during the day and I hate having to fuss about it when I am trying to do other things, so this hairstyle is perfect for me!!
Braids are always a good way to maintain your hair and they usually do a good job of staying put for a while (hello, 12-hour shift), while still looking cute and put together.
I am not the world’s best hairdresser (by any means, my sister can attest to that), but I have definitely been able to up my hair game by researching different styles and learning how to do them on YouTube! Just search what you’re looking for and I am sure you wont be disappointed with the “how- to” results!

On another note, I hope everyone had such a fun Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, love and delicious meals! I had to work on Thanksgiving and was planning on needing to forgo my family traditional Thanksgiving dinner that my parents host at our house. Our managers arranged to have a full Thanksgiving dinner delivered to our unit. It was fun to celebrate this holiday with my work family and the meal was actually super delicious (there was SO much food). However, while at work our census dropped and we were able to send 4 nurses home at 3 pm, and I was one of them!! I called my family and they were so excited. When I got home around 4 pm, it turns out everyone postponed the meal (we usually eat at 2:30) to wait until I got there! I barely had the heart to tell them I had already eaten (but of course I indulged in some more turkey and mashed potatoes!)
It was such a nice gesture of them to ensure that I was included in the meal. When I entered my house, the love was tangible, and it really helped me appreciate the wonderful family I am blessed to be a part of.

Now, it is officially acceptable for me to listen to Christmas music!! Get ready for plenty of Christmas and winter themed posts in the near future! (especially once my finals are done on December 7th!)

Xoxo, Bethany

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