Urban Decay "Vice" Lipstick Palette!!

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My sister gave me this beautiful lipstick palette for my birthday and I just haven’t gotten a chance to try it yet! Well, today was the day! The Urban Decay “Vice” lipstick palette comes with 12 colors and a retractable lip brush. The packaging is absolutely beautiful. I love the overlay over the colors that says “lipstick is my vice”. The packaging feels really substantial and expensive feeling. I am a very neutral lip color person. Apart from a red lip, I rarely venture into other colors than nudes and pinks, so when I got this palette I knew it would allow me to try things I never had bef

ore. So, without further ado, lets get into the colors!!
(I am going to talk about them in the order they are in the palette)

Sheer Shame
This one surprised me because it looks realllly dark in the palette but it actually comes out as a sheer pink/ purple color on the lips (duh… should have realized from the name!). I really liked this one a lot more than I was thinking I would. This color would be great for a little brighter of an every day color, like a fun summer event or something! It also applied nicely and because of the sheerness, it was super easy to hide and mask application mistakes!

OMG this color is bright. It is a great basic HOT pink (with a touch of purple)! It has a glossy finish that really catches the light and brings out its brightness/ awesomeness. This would be great for a fun night out with a statement lip. This one was pretty nice to apply as well, however because of the bright color it was harder to hide and fix mistakes.

Big Bang
This is the only color in the palette that had glitter in it, and 10 year old me was super excited. This is a fun bubblegum pink color with lots of iridescent glitter in it. This is a nice color because the glitter doesn’t come off as “disco ball” on your lips but its definitely noticeable. It allows the light to catch this color nicely and really brings the focus to the lips.

This color is a fun Barbie pink color. This one has a glossy finish that is perfect for summer days! Still would be a jump for me to wear this color on the reg but the color is so pretty, and im such a pink fan, I definitely think it can be done!

Wow, this one is red. This is the glossy red in the palette, and boy is it bright. I thought I was going to like the other color better (714, which is coming up next) because I tend to like more matte lip colors, but I actually liked this one better! I mean, if you’re gonna go red, go RED! And this one definitely does that. Might be wearing this one to a couple holiday parties / events this season! (here’s looking at you MICU holiday part!!)

This is the red I was most excited to try, but it kinda fell flat in my opinion. I love a red lip (.. because I think I am Taylor Swift).. and I tend to like matte reds more than glossy ones (they stay better and require less thought and maintenance). This color was dry on the lips, hard to apply because it didn’t go on very evenly, and hard to correct when I made application mistakes.

Surprisingly, I am disappointed in this color. As I said, I tend to gravitate toward nudes, but this one is straight up concealer. It is a glossy finish, but I could barely even see it on my lips, and after putting coat after coat on, I finally just gave up.

So this is the first of the “browns” that are in the palette. I was most nervous to try the browns because I have literally never worn a straight up brown lip before, but this palette is full of them (well.. there’s 3). I didn’t hate it as much as I thought, but it definitely wasn’t my favorite of the 3. This was a little darker than I would normally wear, and matte. It was easier to apply than 714 (the other matte color) but still not something I would reach for first.

Ex Girlfriend
This is by far the winner. When I opened the palette this morning, this was the color I applied for the day. I mean, very typical of what I normally wear, so kinda not the point of this post, but this glossy darker pink wore really nicely throughout the day, only requiring 1 reapply, which is pretty good for a glossy color. I mean, I can go on and on about this one, but I wont, because this is the most basic color in the palette!

So this is the second of the browns, and I definitely liked this one the best. It is the lightest, glossy and has a little bit of shimmer in it. It actually looks a little pink in the picture (maybe because this was the 11th color I had on and my lips were raw from makeup remover…) but this is definitely something I would wear on a daily basis. I also like it because it looks much darker in the pot, which makes me feel a little badass if I were going to pick it out!

This is the third of the browns. This one actually wasn't that bad either. It is the darkest of the three, but I really liked the gloss and a little bit of iridescence it has. I would wear this to a night event or dinner. Looking at the picture it isn't appearing as dark as I thought it was on my lips, so maybe that's a good one! Who knows, maybe it will turn out to be one of my faves!

OK this is the doozie of a color. This is the darkest, vampy-est and most daring color. This is a dark purple that can almost look black (as it does in the pot). I tried this one last because I was so afraid of it. So the verdict? Actually not terrible! It would definitely take a lot for me to wear it, and to the right event, but if I channel my inner Kylie Jenner, I think I would dare to wear this for an evening… so stay tuned, maybe I will one day!!

Well that’s it! I hoped this gave you a good idea of the colors in this palette! I would say its definitely worth the buy, its easy to travel with (comes with its own brush, which by the way I used to apply all the colors) and has a color for pretty much anything you need.

Hope everyone’s having a nice Sunday and preparing for the week ahead!

XOXO, Bethany

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